Alcohol and Diabetes


My own experience

As you probably already know, diabetes and alcohol is a VERY bad mix. I, myself, was drinking when I was younger (15-17 years old). I was a heavy drinker and my HbA1c was way high for those years. A lot of drinking combined with laziness and bad food was like putting a gas station on fire.
In most alcoholic beverage, it is a lot of sugar and when you’re drunk, your judgement will decrease a lot! I am talking from own experiences and under those 2-3years of drinking, I didn’t have a good blood glucose level once!
Your intelligence is lowered so much that you do not remember that you’re diabetes or you just don’t care. And even if you did, you will probably make bad decisions with the dosage of insulin. What happened for me was that I just didn’t care and drank a lot and ate a lot of junk!

Lower glucose level?

The doctors at the hospital told me that drinking can have the effect of lowering the glucose level. That can be dangerous if you’re entering a coma because people will think you have passed out because of drinking too much and not because of your blood glucose level. Then they might not give you the help you need which is an ambulance but instead put you to bed.
I can’t speak from own experience since this has never happened to me.I think this is an effect that is really hard to get since almost all alcoholic beverages contains sugar in some way.
But still, this shows that there is very high risks with drinking and being diabetic and I don’t think doctors making that up. It has probably happened!

After drinking

It is a lot of sugar in it which is the opposite of the diets ideas I provide and also destroys your body in other ways. As you can see there are more reasons to quit, with the combination of having diabetes and alcohol.
The body needs a lot of help to recover after drinking and will then move the focus from helping your pancreas. This will have a huge impact on your blood sugar glucose level the day after (and probably the day after that) but also in the long run.



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