Alkaline Diet and Diabetes

You only need one thing…yourself!

I started out with the Alkaline diet to heal my stomach and raise it’s pH value. Why? Because this was causing my pancreas to be sick and not producing insulin as it should.
This helped me tremendously and I still eat a lot of vegetables and other alkaline food since this is both fat, or at least low on carbohydrates, and it is alkaline. The best combination of my diets!
I have these two because being a diabetic is hard enough and then to just eat alkaline food that does not contain carbohydrates will be a challenge to say the least!
I do believe incurable means curable from within. I believe almost everyone in modern society has a problem with their pH level in their stomach which causes problem to take up all the important nutritions we need.
Read more about nutrition and their importance to us here!

The Power of you!

I can’t guarantee your pancreas will go back to normal. But what I can guarantee is that this Alkaline Diet worked for me. I believe in the power of the mind combined with healthy food that gives energy rather than steals it.
If you believe it, put your mind to it and work with this… truly put all your focus on this, I have no doubts you will be free. We are supposed to heal ourselves, just as when you get a wound and it heals, so does your organs.
But they can’t if you are constantly putting pressure and stress on them through alcohol, bad food, no exercise and negative thoughts about your diabetes.
It is absolutely possible to live almost on just alkaline food and skip the carbohydrate part of it but it demands a lot of you. It all depends on how much work and effort you want to put in to this.
Please do remember that I will gladly help you with any questions you have or support you might need to get things going or to understand better about this Alkaline Diet.
Please contact me here with any questions!

What is it all about? How and why?

So what is Alkaline diet really? Easy said, it is food that has a high pH value.
It is preferably to have a 80/20 mindset about this. 80% should be Highly Alkaline food and 20% could be those who are acid. The less acid and the more procent on the 80 side and less on 20, the better.
So a 100% alkaline diet would be great at the beginning but of course, it is not good to be too alkaline either.
You need to boost your pH value with eating more alkaline than acid. Why? Since it is sooo hard to become or already be too alkaline before discovering this. Almost everyone is too acid, because of the way we eat. And if you keep that 80/20 mindset, your body will have perfect balance.
I know it can seem hard and difficult at the beginning, and that’s why I am here. To support and help you as best as I can through my own experiences.

Keep the garbage out!

I know there are a lot of coffee drinkers out there, and certainly a lot that likes to drink alcohol. Keep in mind that when you are starting eating more of this and changing your diet and lifestyle, your body and it’s craving will change too.
Sometimes you want to eat something that is not so good for you. Maybe some chocolate, a cup of coffee or a drink on friday night with your friends. That is perfectly okay. Everything is up to you. I am just here to guide you.
Remember that every time you do put bad things in you, you are pulling out some bricks of your wall of health.
My body is fantastic at keeping me from sweets, junk and acid food! Now when my body is used to all the good food, I feel like crap after eating bad stuff. I get gases, stomach aches and some times even diarrea.
First, it is a chock for your body and second, it is crap! So your body is smart enough to let you know that you put something bad in your body and you should quit that!
So it is all up to you how healthy you want to be and how free you want to feel. I do believe in the self-healing and those with the right attitude will succeed. That is what I believe and I’ve seen it with myself so there is no doubts for me.
Ok, enough talk! What is good and bad? I have a great chart for you!
Visit this site and become a member for free and they will give you a great chart with info and lists of things you should and shouldn’t eat and why. This opens a new window.
Please do keep in mind the things I’ve talked about above while you are watching the chart. You can’t go 100% after what the chart says unless you are willing to go super hardcore diet!
It is hard enough to be diabetic so the chart is for you to easily find stuff that you like and works with your Alkaline Diet. Or try to get rid of the worst things.
Good luck!




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