Bread and Diabetes

Okay, so let’s see why bread is not for diabetics and what it really does for our body and what is different between good healthy bread and normal commercial bread from a normal store.

Chemicals in Commercial bread

The bread we eat today and find in a normal store is not made for the benefit of our health or digestive system, wether it’s white or full grain bread. It is processed with different chemicals from ground to production to make the flour bleach and prevent it from being sticky.
Some of these chemicals are:
•Benzoyl peroxide or chlorine dioxide (causing cancer)
•Methyl bromide
•Nitrogen trichloride
•Ammonium carbonate
•Nitrogen peroxide
Doesn’t sound too nice, does it? If you want to know more about every specific one, go ahead and make your own research but the info I give you here should be enough to give you an insight to why bread is to be avoided.
An example of what these chemicals can cause is:
•Allergies such as bloating, diarrhea, eczema, asthma, headache
•Leaky gut syndrome
•Growth of unfriendly toxin generating bacteria in the gut
•Slowing of bowel transit time, so toxic substances are in contact with the bowel for longer (more about this, I recommend reading Conscious health by Ron Garner)


Above you see me mention Bromide. Bromide is a product that is used a lot in bread. What is this and what does it do? Well, for starters, bromides disrupts the endocrine system and slows down the metabolism(break down of food to nutritions and energy).
I think there is a big reason why UK banned the use of this in bread in 1990 and Canada in 1994.

Fructose and carbohydrates

Commercial bread almost always contain high fructose corn syrup. This one is a bad killer right to the core. Fructose is a sweetener worse than sugar. And if this is not convincing enough, bread has a high amount of carbohydrates which is not helping at all for a diabetic. Dr. Joseph Mercola (read more about him below) suggest that people with
•High cholesterol
•High blood pressure
should avoid bread since it will give you no benefits. And if you have read more pages here on you already know why we want to avoid products with high carbohydrates.

Good breads?

There are good breads though. I still do not recommend it and do not eat it myself since it is helping for a diabetic to keep the carbohydrate level low so the body does not have to focus hard on breaking it down and fighting to get the sugar out of the blood.
Maybe after you have those amazing results after changing your lifestyle and done it for a couple of months you can try and see how healthy bread affects you. But on the way back and in the process of healing yourself, all kinds of bread should be avoided to make it easier and faster for you.
But, once you feel bread is worth trying, you should look for non-baked breads(live bread). They have no bromide, they have good enzymes, minerals and vitamins and gives energy to you instead of take.

The best ones

The best and healthiest bread you can choose is sprouted bread. It has not been baked but still have a bread-like state and have all natural nutrients.
With commercial bread, they take it all out and replace it with sweeteners and other chemicals that contains these nutritions but is very unnatural for our body and is not possible for us to benefit from. They do that so they can brand the bread package with “high fiber” and show you that it contains good amount of nutritions.
The only problem is that it’s fake, chemical and frankly speaking; CRAP!

Make it yourself

The best way is to make it yourself, just make sure the products you use for it is natural and not like the commercial breads. Look for health stores near you, they usually have much better alternatives for bread.
Here is a Video from Dr. Joseph Mercola that will give you a short intro on this. Here is the list of education from Joseph Mercola to strengthen his words.
•University of Illinois at Chicago – (UIC) 1972-1976
•Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine 1978-1982
•Chicago Osteopathic Hospital 1982-1985 Family Practice Residency. Chief resident 1984-1985
•Board Certified American College Osteopathic General Practitioners July 1985
•State of Illinois Licensed Physician and Surgeon

Find more about him and a ton of more about bread and grain here at his website




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