Diabetes Diet

Good job taking your first step! With this diabetes diet, You have made one giant step towards a better health, body and a smiling pancreas.

This diabetes diet I use, is a mix of three different diets and I will explain to you why and how you can work with them so that your glucose level will be as stable as The Stonehenge! This diet is making me eat less since it’s saturating but without losing good nutritions.

The Diets

The ones I use is:

To read more about why I have three diets and why I combine them, please visit My Story.

LCHF diet is a Low Carb High Fat diet and it means that you eat a lot of fat products like egg, cheese, butter, meat and overground vegetables. It also means you’re avoiding carbohydrate food like white bread, pasta, rice, sugar and so on.

I have a lot of influence from Raw Food and it goes well hand in hand with the Alkaline diet , since I recommend never heat things up, keep it fresh, organic, clean and pure.

The other one is Alkaline diet which is based on the pH value in the body. pH stands for potential Hydrogen and is a measurement that shows how acid or alkaline something is. Most of us eat way too much acid food and need to get our pH value balanced. This is what I believe to be the reason to most, if not every, diseases and troubles we are having now, more than ever.


The body strives to have a pH level of 7.4. Then, it can function exceptional in every possible way for you and your health.

This was the main reason to why I did not get rid of my diabetes issues.This is a good way for everyone since this prevent diseases and keeps your body fresh, clean and full of energy!

But for a diabetic, some alkaline things do not have low carbs and is therefore not suitable. I take the best from both of these diets to make a perfect healthy food mix to this diabetes diet.

How often and how much?

A good idea is to eat less but more times a day. This is because it is easier for the body to handle smaller portions. It is easier to take care of four or five bags of stones a day than two big boats. That might have been the worst comparison but you get the idea.

I like to use the 80/20 ratio that I’ve got from the Alkaline diet. It means that 80% is the good stuff you want to put in your body and 20% is the things that is less good for you, because some people have a hard time go 100%.

Because once you’re body is balanced, it needs 80/20. 100% alkaline is not good either but since most people are almost 100% acid, a high or 100% alkaline diet is a great healing process until the body is balanced again.

This is best used for every meal instead of per day or per week. This prevents you from eating a whole carbohydrate meal some day and then just fat another day.


So if you eat a broccoli soup and then want to eat a fruit it is ok but it is all up to you. The less of that 20% and more of that 80%, the faster and better this process will go and the faster and better you will feel and look.

I eat 5 times a day but smaller dishes except for the evening when I eat a little bit more so I do not wake up hungry in the middle of the night. And the first thing in the morning, I just drink a glass of water with juice from half a lemon in it or liquid chlorophyll.

This helps the body wake up and get started instead of chocking it with a big breakfast right away. Then, 1hour later, I eat my breakfast.

A diabetes diet needs to be even and consistent. Sign up for my newsletter and get a FREE diabetic diet plan!

What to eat?

Before going into any of these things below, I highly recommend you to read about LCHF Diet, Raw Food Diet and Alkaline Diet which are the cores of my ideas to my own diabetes diet. This will help you understand everything I write about here and how it all works!We are all different and like different things. That is why I try to have a lot of different ideas and examples for you with this diabetes diet.


Fruits is commonly used between meals to keep the hunger away since most people only eat 2-3 times a day. As I said above, I rather recommend eat less and 5 times a day. Fruits are full of sugar and therefore not suitable for diabetics, neither alkaline.

But, they are full of fantastic vitamins and minerals so do not forget the fact that they’re still healthy, in proper amount.

Click here to read more about fruits and which ones are good to eat and low on sugar.

Nuts and Seeds are a perfect substitute for candy or sweet stuff. Every time I feel like eating sweet stuff, I take some nuts and seeds and it goes away. This is also good for all kinds of things. For example in salads, when baking or to make nut flour!

Read more about using nuts and seeds in a delicious way in your diet.

Dairies are also very common and used by many. I would recommend keep these ones at low since they are acid and often contains sugar and carbohydrates. There are better yogurt,milk and similar things for a reasonable price and with high fat procentage and low on added stuff in it.

Know what to avoid and what to eat from dairies!

Vegetables are the best thing you can ever put into your body! Of course, you’ve already heard that since you were a little kid. But, your parents didn’t say so to be mean or discipline you. It was simply because they are really good!

They contain a lot of great nutritions and most of them are low on carbohydrates or having a low GI which makes it convert to sugar much slower, which is what we want.
They do not contain fat however, neither protein. They have more of minerals, vitamins and water which is just as important, if not more. And they are alkaline!

I promise that you will, if not love, then dare to try to make food with more vegetables after reading more about it. If you are like me, going nuts for vegetables and are a vegetarian or have thoughts of become one, read myDiabetic Vegetarian guide and about vegetables.

Vegetables are very important in this diabetes diet so you get all nutritions and energy you need, especially if you’re vegetarian!

Meat is of course very common and high on fats and protein! Everybody loves a good steak on a BBQ in the summer! Pretty good right? But what about acid or alkaline? Unfortunately, meat is very acid!

Check out this if you have a craving for meat and see how you can work with it as best as possible.

Pasta is something I used to love and it is so easy to have as a big part of the plate, followed by a piece of meat and/or some vegetables. Well, this is both full of carbohydrates to kick up your glucose level to sky highs and also acid for you. Pasta is one of the big carbohydrate monsters!

Why pasta is a monster!

Bread is the other big monster of carbohydrates and same goes for them. Big no no! But just as many other people, I am crazy about bread! Well, lucky I made some research and tried out with own experience to make something like bread that is good for you.

Read more about my cool inventions and recipes here! or Check out why regular bread is the other monster!

Oils are used almost everytime we cook and I personally love it. Use it in the frying pan, dip your LCHF bread in it or make some sauces and dips.

Just make sure you choose the right ones and why.

Nutritions is something we all need. I have researched and tried different things for myself. Carbohydrates are not bad, we just have too much of them.

Fat is really good and do not believe that fat products make you fat! That is a total missunderstanding but there is also a difference between fat and fat. There is good fat, and there is bad fat. You need to know which ones to use.

Protein, minerals, vitamins and last but absolutely not least, water. These are also nutritions who we are depending on and with a good amount of all these, we have a balanced and happy body.

Want to read more about nutritions and how we are affected? Click here!


Let’s Go!

I hope this Diabetes diet will help you to become free and happy, without shots and with a fantastic body! There are so much bonuses here that I can’t believe I did this earlier!

My wish is to get you to the state of healthy being as I am and be just as excited about it and eat delicious diabetes food!

If you are making progress or a total transformation, please share your story with me and the rest of the world! We love to be inspired!

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