Diabetes Treatment

Whether you have type one diabetes or type two diabetes, this diabetes treatment applies to you. Everything can be fixed from within. That is my belief and if not yours, at least this will help you with your diabetic life tremendously! And as that wasn’t enough, you get a great body, health and more energy!
A great diet combined with some knowledge, determination and great ways to exercise and keep your health at the peak all the time, is the way to success! But the last and most important point here is; Have fun!
Nothing should feel like you have to force it. Of course you have to push yourself sometimes but you will feel great about it. Not as someone is standing over you, screaming your ears out!
It’s called diabetes treatment for a reason. You should treat yourself with a attitude of gratitude and joy! And you will feel happier, stronger and more motivated when you see the great results.
You are the solution, you have to lead the way to a better life. I am your guide. I will point the way, but you have to walk it! So, let’s get started!

Exercise and Diabetes

I think workout and training should have a happy tone to it. For some, it is. For others, it is like sleeping two hours and then be woked up by a karatekick in your face and hot coffee all over you. Not a nice feeling, right?
When you think about exercise and hear yourself saying: “Do I really have to?”, you have somehow picked up the image of that it’s hard work, a pain in the ass and is all about pushing yourself until you almost puke. Okay, extreme example but you get the idea.
Exercise is supposed to be fun! When you exercise and doing your training but does not see it as training, but just a fun thing you do that is good for your body as a bonus…that is what I call exercise! That is diabetes treatment with exercise!
When your mind switch to seeing exercise as an entertaining way to move and strengthen your body, only then are you really exercising, in my opinion!
See this video I made where I talk with two parkour practitioners about exercise, health and the combination of these two.


See my approach to exercise and why I think it’s important to have joy when you workout!

Normal Blood Sugar Levels

To obtain and maintain a normal blood sugar level is one of the most important parts for a person diagnosed with Diabetes, no matter if it’s Type 1 or Type 2. It’s necessary in order to feel good and have a body in balance.
There are different kinds of dangers and risks with Low Blood Sugar Levels (hypoglycemia) and High Blood Sugar Levels (hyperglycemia) and it is very important to learn and understand those in order to realize why it is so important to strive for a perfect and normal blood sugar level. It is the fuel of our body so we need to look out for these ups and downs and understand how we can correct it, why they occurred and how to prevent it from happening again.
Read more about how to have a Normal Blood Sugar Level!


Sometimes, it is hard to get everything you need for your body, especially with a diet that is helping your diabetes and therefore a bit limited. It is of course all depending on how strict and careful you are with getting all you need in your food.
But there is some good things that boost us up and helps us keep that energy high and get the things we need that we may often lack or have hard time with as diabetics.
I have personally tried chinese bitter melon/cucumber(this opens a new window) before and it helped but it taste like crap. I recently tried it again and it helped a lot, along with Spirulina which I really recommend. These two are very powerful at helping a diabetic person.
But remember this is not a compensation for bad diet. If you eat crap, nothing helps you. You just delay it a very little bit. Eat good and boost yourself with supplements who loves a healthy body and then makes a tremendous work for you!
It had very good effect and I believe more in the herb healing art than modern medicine. Scroll down on the bitter melon link’s page to the “Diabetes” section for more information. See also the caution topic to know what to do and not to do if you want to use this fruit.
But that small dose of bitter taste is worth it. Or, as I have tried recently that may be a bit easier is the Diabecon(this opens a new window).
This is a pill, only made out of herbs and nothing else. No extra weird stuff, no artificial or lab produced things. Just natural herbs mixed down to a pill. But I do prefer and recommend natural ways of getting what you need. That means, rather than taking supplement pills or powders, get the original plant, fruit, vegetable or whatever it might be.
Wild edibles are awesome for this and especially for B12 Vitamin which people say you get from meat but it’s actually from microorganisms on the meat which is totally destroyed in the process of making meat. These can be found on wild edibles and greenery as long as they’re not washed or processed in anyway.

Don’t cheat!

Although this is helpful, you should not see this is as a replacement of a great diet. The diet is a diabetes treatment as well!
Food is the best medicine for us, if we make the right choice! So don’t try to go for a quick and easy way with supplements. They won’t help you if the other areas of your life like diet, training and health is lacking.
See it this way; You are jumping out of an airplane. You can do it the easy and quick way without parachute. But then, you would eventually hit the ground, pretty bad.
But if you take your time before the jump to pack your parachute carefully and safe and then make the jump and after a minute of falling, you pull your parachute and land safely and smooth on the ground. And with a fun experience!
So take your time and make your diabetes treatment with good diet, good health and exercise and keep your body fresh and use supplements for what they were made for; supply! Not replace.


Alcohol is a drug. It is legal, but still a drug and very toxic. I have focused on alcohol from my own experience and how it affected my life as a diabetic. You have heard so many times about this so I don’t have you tell you that it’s bad.
But what I can tell you is why and how it effects you, especially from my own experience. If you are more curious about my life before changing my lifestyle and diet totally, read My Story here.
Alcohol is a widely used beverage and should be thrown away forever, especially for diabetics!
How alcohol affects diabetes


The things we all need to function. Nutritions is the fuel for cells and organisms to support life. I have focused shortly and mainly on the 6 big head categories. I explain easy how they all work and why we need them in a very non-doctor way.
This section of diabetes treatment is a little more “scientific” but I just want to give you the basic idea of what it is, what it does with us and how this diabetes treatment works with nutritions.
It is just so you can get a grip of why we avoid carbohydrates and keep to more fat. Carbohydrates are not bad, we just have too much of them. Even if you eat fat things like cheese, you still get some carbohydrates in you. There are very few things that only contains fat or only contains carbohydrates.
I´m so happy that fat is transforming very slow! Because I love healthy fat products! I mean, Avocado, nuts, coconut and oils are great examples!
And of course we all need Protein, Minerals, Vitamins and Water to keep ourselves alive, in shape and happy throughout the day! Read about all the different nutrition categories and why I love cheese!

Pre diabetes

What can cause diabetes is important to know if you want to prevent it. It doesn’t matter if you are type one diabetes or type two diabetes. Maybe you have it in the family or have been diagnosed with something that will put you in a greater risk of getting diabetes.
If so, you are far better off with having some knowledge about diabetes treatment to knowwhat causes it and how to prevent it.
The symptoms of diabetes may vary but there are some main symptoms you should look out for and if you are aware of these, you may be able to prevent diabetes before it flourish and is stuck with you.
Of course, I believe that diabetes can be healed with diabetes treatment through a great diet, training and a positive and loving mindset. But why get it in the first place if you can stop it before?
Learn to recognize the symptoms and do some pre work with yourself in case you feel that you have a lifestyle that put you in a risk of getting diabetes!

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    • Yes I believe it is and it’s commonly said that you should rather exercise before dinner than after. The dinner helps you regain energy and build muscles after exercise but it all comes down to what your dinner is made of. If it’s fast-food hamburger, I believe it will do you no good but in terms of exercising before dinner, no matter what food it is, you have no problem doing so :)

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