Diabetic Vegetarian Guide

Are you a diabetic vegetarian or have thoughts of trying it out With this vegetarian guide, I will show you how easy and great it is to live as a vegetarian diabetic!
I´ve been a diabetic since July 2000 and vegetarian since February 2008. It is really easy if you want it!


Greens isn’t enough! You need smart greens!

Just because you are a diabetic vegetarian or want to become vegetarian, doesn’t mean you automatically become healthy. Sure, you skip the meat which is heavy, acid and hard to handle for the body. But you need to understand what you are putting into your body as a vegetarian too.
Vegetables can be really bad, if they come in the wrong way. Canned vegetables is garbage! Plain and simple. They are not natural and have a lot of extra stuff in it to keep them fresh for an unnatural long time.
Vegetables should preferably be ecologic, local and fresh! Now, that can be hard sometimes so be honest with yourself and try as hard as possible to find the best ones.
Look in different stores, find those small eco stores with local farmers and once in any store, look for eco-friendly stuff. If that is not available in your country or city, find the things that are made and produced cleanest and then, closest.
When I was in Costa Rica, all the local farmers had a huge fruit and vegetables market every saturday near the house I was living in. Fresh, delicious and cheap!
So you can find it, if you want it! It is worth those extra money that eco produced things cost, because it is an investment in your health and your way to become in harmony with your diabetes.
For me, this transformation is worth all the money in the world. It makes me a happier, stronger and more free person. I hope you feel the same after this vegetarian guide!

You need protein!

Ok, so there’s more for a diabetic vegetarian than just vegetables, even if that is the best thing you could eat and you should eat a lot of it. It has a lot of natural protein and if you eat around 10% vegetables of all your food in a day, you get plenty enough of the protein needed.
And if that wasn’t enough, there is also Spirulina that is a protein booster like no other and it also contains vitamin A , B1, B2, B6, E och K. So the state that it is hard for vegetarians to get protein is untrue in my opinion.
Check out more about vitamins and Protein.

Instead of meat

There are things instead of meat, for example Quorn and Soy products. What I can about Soy is that it’s crap! I’ve read and made some research and will not bore you out with fancy language and stuff but I can just say that Soy products is something you should never eat. It has a lot of disease-creating contents and other non-health beneficials.
About Quorn, I made some extra research around the internet and found that it’s harder to determine wether it’s good or not. It is made from a fungus and is processed with methods including nitrogen, glucose syrup in tanks to make it grow optimal.
Wether this is a good method, I do not know but I would avoid everything that is pre-frozened and has been through a process.
To be sure, I advice not to, but as a vegetarian it can sometimes be hard to have something else if you are used to have meat on your plate. Then I recommend Quorn instead of Soy products. But if you are really serious about your health and truly want to go hardcore as I did, then Quorn is best to be left in the store.

The environment!

Wait! Wasn’t this about being vegetarian?! Well, as a matter of fact, the meat industry stands for 17% of the toxic waste out in our air and nature, all around the globe! So if it’s not for yourself and the animals, do it for the environment!

Raw Food

This is the best thing you can ever give to your body! Raw, organic and fresh! All the things our body was made to have.
I was introduced to Raw Food the summer of 2009 and it got some good ideas to bring to a vegetarian diabetic. Did you know that most of the nutritions and important things in the food goes away if you heat up food higher than 42° C? So how good is actually your food once you boil it or fry it?
Of course, everybody has different situations and lives. Try to be as Raw as possible. But not more than you are comfortable with. Keep it raw and you keep your body strong and happy. There is no problem for your body to handle food that isn’t heated up. In fact, I think it’s smiling right now, just by you reading this!
And this keeps it faster and more simple! You don’t have to boil up water or heat the frying pan or whatever you use to cook. One way to go raw food is with smoothies. That is a great way to start your way into the raw food style.

Why you should not eat cooked or refined food:

  • Breaks down natural fibers needed to maintain the health of the intestinal tract.
  • Reduces availability of vitamins and minerals.
  • Deplete body energy reserve.
  • Destroys enzymes.
  • Loss of many natural nutrients.
The body takes nutrients from itself to help this food and therefore a lack of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus is a result.

You are the Master!

But as I’ve said before, it is hard enough to be a diabetic and especially diabetic vegetarian, so take in what you can and apply it to your life.
Make your own version! That is what this is all about. Inspiration and then do it the way it fits you the best and makes you a happier and more relaxed person.
I want you to keep in mind five things:


-Small portions




If you try to apply these as much as possible every day, especially the last three, I think you are off to a great change!
I found my ways and sharing my experience as a diabetic vegetarian with you in this vegetarian guide. I can say that I’ve never felt this energized and alive before, especially not when I was eating meat.
Now it is time for you to take that inspiration and find your ways. Maybe you even come up with new recipes! And then you can share it with all of us here and spread more inspiration!
If you have a great recipe or a question, write to me and I will share it here on the site for everyone to see!



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