Exercise and Diabetes

Keep the motor running

To have diabetes and exercise is a great way to make things easier and your blood glucose level much more stable.
Exercise also keeps your body functional and in great shape! It cleans your system from garbage through the sweat and also helps the system stay sharp and strong.
If not doing this, especially as a Diabetic, it’s like having a car with a flat tire and then let it stand out in the woods. It’s going to get rosty, dirty and plants are starting to grow on it and soon enough it is completely useless with no power.
Exercise is to keep your motor running with clean and fresh oil, that is your blood! Some people look at exercise and they see a ex-boxer from Russia, standing and screaming your ears out while you are close to pass out any second!

Having fun is most important!

That is not how exercise is supposed to be. It is supposed to be fun! This is very important when you have diabetes and exercise. I have discovered that when I am having fun while exercising, my sugar goes down like crazy! When I go skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross or surfing…man I am free as a bird!
When I was younger and started skateboarding, I was practically free from my diabetes, totally! Everyday I skated and had so much fun and got a great exercise as a bonus. Recently, I’ve been surfing a couple of times and everytime I took 100grams of chocolate and a can of soda to it because I was afraid of having low blood sugar out in the water with the waves.
After eating all that super sugar stuff and surfed for 1-2hours, NOTHING had happened to my glucose level! And sometimes, I like to run. I don’t enjoy the same way as the other sports and that clearly shows.
It barely happens anything with the sugar, at first. But, it does makes me more sensitive to insulin and stabilize my glucose level almost 24hours after workout (depending on how hard I workout).
So to run is good as well but it doesn’t show the same instant and crazy result as surf, for example. Having diabetes and exercise should be fun and helpful!

Experiment, analyze and be joyful!

We are all very different and react differently on different things. There is no model for everyone.
This is all from my own experience and I want you to get inspired and try out. If it doesn’t work, don’t get sad or angry.
Try something else and experiment and have fun! Write down notes about what worked, what didn’t, how did you eat, what was the glucose level before, under and after workout.
Diabetes and exercise may not be easy, but keep on having fun and try, experiment and I am sure you will find your way.
But what I think is most essential is to have fun. When the body enjoys the workout, it gives your body joy and happiness and I think that effects your health just as much as any other thing.
Keep your body trimmed and in motion, but not for the cost of being bored and exhausted in a bad way afterwards. You should feel like you could do it all day and come back home happy and satisfied with your workout for that day, and all days to come.

Find your style, your niche!

I have recently picked up Parkour/Free running which means you are using your own body as a tool. It is called ”The Art of Movement”. You jump, flip, volt and roll your way through whatever you feel is a good place to do it. Jump rails to rails or jump down from a stair, or backflip over a bench.

It may sound silly but I’ve seen these guys who perform it and gosh, do they look fit! They are strong and quick and they enjoy every second of it. Watch my video I made for Costa Rica Parkour:
And this is a great example of having fun and exercise at the same time. For you, it can be to run, to swim or to go at the gym and lift weights. There is no limits to what you can do!
Be creative and find your joy of working out.But, this should not be an excuse for being lazy. Diabetes and exercise is essential to become free!

Beginner? Start small and explore!

Do not say: ”I can’t find anything fun to do”. We all have something we like to do and if you have a weight problem and haven’t had much or any experience of working out, you might want to start with something small and easy. A short walk is a great way to start. Start in small portions, like 10minutes a day. And then increase as you feel more comfortable and excited about it!
Once you start getting into it and feel you want to try something else, go for it! Maybe you don’t like walking. Maybe you’re more of a runner or like to work on machines or bicycles.
Diabetes and exercise is all about finding your joy in helping yourself! Walking is just the easiest way to get started.

Let’s talk…with yourself!

Do not push yourself too hard, but don’t be too lazy either. Find a balance that works for you and be honest with yourself. I have had and still has serious talks with myself and it really helps to clear things up. What am I doing wrong and what can I do better? What am I doing right now that works perfect? ”Keep on doing that!”, I say.
Some might think that if I workout hard, I can take a piece of candy or a soda. That is not how diabetes and exercise works!
Do not use exercises to compensate for eating garbage! It might sound right in your head but you are just wasting all your exercise and are slowing down your body and making it work harder. When those moments comes, ask yourself what the heck you are doing!

Connect the dots!

So exercising and healthy food and mindset comes hand in hand. Nothing can compensate the other. It is a connection of all that makes a healthy person and a diabetic with freedom.
It is worth it all and you will know this, once you see results and understand what an amazing body you have that can heal itself! As long as you see the combination of diabetes and exercise as a combination, united by joy!
It is just you and your mind that has to realize this. And you’ve already taken a great step forward by reading this!



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