Fruits and Diabetes

So sweet, yet so acid!

Fruits are delicious! They are easy to use as a snack and contains good nutritions. But, -there’s always a “but”, right?- they are considered acid-forming because they contain a lot of sugar.
So first, they have sugar which is not good for a diabetic person, and two, they create acid in your body.
Try to keep it to a minimum. One or two a day won’t kill you but you know your diabetes best and should carefully watch how one fruit can affect you.
For me, it is no biggy since I keep my body in trim with good food all the time and I eat it rarely. You can use them in your smoothie to bring better flavor. 1 banana is usually enough for me but try it and see what you like best and how your blood sugar level reacts.
It’s not that fruits themselves are bad, in fact they are pretty good for you. But since we want to avoid sugar, at least in the healing and reversing process for the body to make it easier, it’s best to keep the sweet fruits to a minimum.
They have good nutritions but that does not help the fact that they are acid and contain sugar.

The best ones!

The best ones you can eat is Fresh Coconut, Avocado, Tomato, Lemon and Grapefruit. Avocado, Tomato and Lemon are no problem at all as far as I know.
They are Alkaline and contains good stuff for you. I consider these as vegetables but they are actually fruits and that is why they are here. Do as I do, mix it in your smoothie and you get a lot less of the sugar while still eating something fresh and tasty!

Quality is essential!

The quality are also very important, just as with any other food. Try found natural and organic to get all natural.
The ones that are GMO and stuffed with toxics will only decrease your health and energy. It is worth those extra pennies!
If you are really creative and have the possibility, try seed your own! When I live in Sweden, it is easy to have apples and pears in the summer. Now, when I live in Costa Rica it’s very easy since it’s a tropical country that most plants of all kinds love. Try to buy locally. It helps both you, your local dealer and the environment.
So remember that fruits are awesome and full of healing powers and nutritions but they have sugar and produce acid so, make sure you have 80% alkaline 20% acid. Fruits are great for low blood sugar instead of candy and other crap so, don’t misunderstand…fruits are great!



  1. Excellent advice. I especially like the way you say that people should watch see how these foods work for them, and that you just have them once and a while. That’s a great first impression.

    There are a few low-carb fruits I like that aren’t on this page, thought I’d add them here. (Hope that’s OK.) Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries.

    Also, I’ve noticed that having fruit as a desert for a meal, rather than it being a meal in and of itself, helps keep the spikes down.

    All The Best,


    • Thanks Mike! Berries in general are great but the watermelon I have to disagree on for my part as that one is just water and sugar and spikes a lot for me. Yeah eating it with a meal, especially one that is more protein and fat rich helps take the spikes down for sure :) Thanks for sharing!

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