How I Control My Diabetes – Methods, Tips & Tools

Here I explain the ways and routines to make my diabetes much more controllable, organized and balanced. I use specific times and schedule, app and other tips, tricks and tools to understand my body and my diabetes. “What gets measured can be managed”

Controlling your diabetes -wether it’s type 1 or type 2- can sometimes be difficult, confusing, cluttery and un-organized. I have learned -the hard way- how I can measure my blood sugar, my body’s reactions to food and exercise and use the numbers as a basis to manage and balance my diabetes much better, easier and more efficient. In this video, I talk about how I use apps to keep myself in check and learn from my past by looking at previous blood glucose levels, exercise times and duration, food types etc. It’s incredible what technology can help us nowadays and I have utilized it as best as I can and today I want to share that with you in hope that you might take something away from this that you haven’t thought about that will help you, your diabetes and ultimately your life and health!

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