How People & Environment Affect Your Health

In this video, I talk about how people, places, environments, situations and things can make or break your way to great health and a balanced diabetic life. Have you ever had a friend who always seems to lift you up, get you back on your feet, feel happy or push you to the limits? Have your diabetes been better because someone was there to remind you about the food or insulin? Maybe you have had people and colleagues that makes you fall to the temptation of joining them to a fast food restaurant or a doughnut competition. To you get inspired to workout in a park or the gym or in the sofa in front of the TV? In both good and bad ways, people and our surrounding affects our physical and mental well being and it is important to have self-awareness and understand when these people and places affects us and how and what we can change and do differently to improve it so we can continue to thrive and live in health and balance with our diabetes.

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  1. Just had to start taking insulin for type 2 and not happy. I’m ready for change. So glad I found your videos, binge watching them all! Thank you for taking the time to make them,they are so helpful,keep them coming!

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