How To Get Started, Get Into Habits & Routines & Succeed with Exercise, Diet and Life

I felt it was time to do it on the fly! In this video I speak from my heart during my run in the park about how to failproof your way to success and how to get started and take the first step with exercise, with health, with food and diet and with every aspect of life!

Taking small steps and start with a failproof and super easy challenge will not only make you feel good because you accomplish something more often even if it’s so small, it also builds up slowly and steady so you can get to your goal in life and with your health in a much steadier pace and with very little risk of failing and giving up. Simply, the slow step-by-step and build up slowly strategy just gives us small wins that enocourage us to go to the next step.

It’s like if you start karate. Fighting with another beginner makes it easier, more interesting and fun. Put your first fight against a black belt master that will kick your ass in two seconds will most likely make you unmotivated, irritated and give up before even get started. You know you want to have the black belt, but you need to go through all the color belts first and advance slowly. You learn the basics first, the easy but fundamental things, not the crazy backflip super kick ;)

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  1. My arthritis in my neck is so bad today I’m cross eyed so I was not going to run up and down the sandunes this morning.But I see this new video and you say’Better than nothing’-are you kidding me? I’m out the door.You’re F***ing awesome!

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