LCHF Diet and Diabetes


Cut the crap!

Really, that is what it means. The Low carbs High fat diet means that you take away almost all the carbohydrates. We have way too much of this in our way of eating. Pasta, bread, yoghurt, candy, juices, jelly, sodas and more are what we are putting in to our bodies every day.
What you are allowed to eat with LCHF diet is fat products like cheese, fat and good yoghurts, whipped cream, eggs, meat, vegetables, butter, nuts, seeds. If you have read about the Alkaline food, you see that there are some things that doesn’t go along well.

Please read more about Alkaline Food here to understand better the information under and why I use two diets.

Fat is good for you!

Dairies are very acid! Meat as well, eggs too and most nuts. So why on earth would I use both of these diets?! It makes no sense?! Well, since this is for diabetics, we have to make it work for us as good as possible, but I do recommend keeping  the amount of dairies VERY low or nothing (if it’s not Raw milk which almost impossible to get).
Fat products are really good since it takes a long time for them to transform into blood sugar(glucose). That will give a smooth and slow glucose level that is easy to counter with long-acting insulin.
This is also the reason why to eat smaller portions but more often. It is then easier to counter the small amount of food that is coming into the body and transforms to sugar.

Read more about why dairies are both good and bad and how to work with it!

The Carbohydrate Monsters!

I highly recommend vegetables since they are fat(some of them) or low level of carbohydrates and most of them, very alkaline.
They say in LCHF that underground vegetables are not to recommend since they contain more sugar and carbohydrates but I do not care about that too much. The vegetables are very alkaline and good for you so if you eat some carrots, I think your body can handle it ;)
The most important thing, especially for diabetics, is to get rid of the biggest carbohydrates which is bread(in all colors and styles), pasta(spaghetti, macaronies, noodles, rice), sweet dairies, juices and of course candy and sodas.
Juices sounds good because it’s natural(if you do it yourself or buy the good ones). But, they contain a lot of sugar! Even if it’s natural sugar. And on top of that, it’s acidly because of that sugar.

Read more about pasta and why we should stop eating it!

Meat or no meat?

Try to keep yourself to the vegetables as much as possible. Meat is fat and protein but also very heavy for the stomach and also acid. I know a lot of people is not vegetarian as I am and that is perfectly fine.
Just try to keep the meat level at minimum. You need less than you think. If you have to eat meat, I would recommend wild fish since it is the one that is less acid and also is rich of Omega-3.
Read about Meat here and if you are vegetarian or just interested in how to be vegetarian and still keep the diet, this is for you!
And for even more details and readings about LCHF, this is the place to visit!
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