Meat and Diabetes

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Keep it to a minimum

There are more reasons to keep the meat to a minimum than just your health. It also helps the environment and the animals. Look for ECO and good treated meat, part because of the animals and part because bad meat will give your body a lot of unwanted things.
It may not affect your diabetes and your blood sugar directly, but can do other damages that will definitely do damage in other ways that can eventually hurt your diabetes too.

The effect on environment

Also, the meat industry stands for 17% of the toxic waste in the world. I do not want to start moral discussions because I think we are all different and live the way we want to and no one should tell you how to live.
I simply want to provide you the information which can make your decision easier and more clear and explain why I recommend keeping the meat to a minimum.

Rich in fat and protein!

But, as you might know, meat contains a lot of protein, a decent amount of fat and no carbohydrates. Therefore it is a natural part of the meals for a lot of diabetic who wants to skip the carbohydrates. And as I said before, try to keep it to a minimum because meat is very acid as well.
You have to work it out so it fits you, but I am here to provide you with guidance and information, wether you are vegetarian or not. I say it again, get ECO and good treated meat, for the environment, the animals and yourself. Local is best!
See this list of meat products to get some more knowledge about them:
  • Chicken (0% carbs, 20% fat, 80% protein)
  • Beef (0% carbs, 26% fat, 74% protein)
  • Fish – since there are so many different species, I give you an overall number for it (0% carbs, 20-50% fat, 70-95% protein)
  • Pork (0% carbs, 27% fat, 73% protein)
So you can see why this is a natural choice for many since it’s been around in our food for thousands of years. But remember that this is about get free from diabetes AND a good health, not one or the other.
When we reduce intake of animal proteins, our requirement for vitamins and minerals decreases.
So make sure you know what meat you are eating and keep it to a minimum. Vegetables are the best thing but even there, you have to know what kind you put into your body.
So if you are looking for optimal vitality, energy and health, I have to say that you should avoid meat, but we are all different and have different wishes of changing.



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