Normal Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics

low blood sugar test - diabetic
Normal blood sugar levels is by many around 70-110 mg/dL (US) or 4-6 mmol/L. This is the values a person without diabetes is on and the value difference depending on what he or she has been eating, how much, how long ago and so on.

Low Blood Sugar Level

But normal blood sugar levels should be 70-110mg/dL or 4-6mmol/L. If you are under that, you have a low blood sugar level and you need to eat something to help your blood sugar level raise.
If you don’t and your blood sugar level keeps on decreasing, there’s a risk that you will enter a coma. The body needs to function and protect its most important organs and therefore shut downs some parts of the body.
That is why you enter a coma if your blood sugar is too low. You need sugar in your blood in order to function properly. But you need the right amount, a balance. Too low, your body will protect itself from dying and therefore only giving sugar to the most important parts like the heart so it keeps pumping. Your consciousness is not important for survival so it enters a coma.

How it works and what to do

The body has a reserve, like a bank of glucos(sugar) and when you enter a coma, the body will kick those reserves in to help you wake up again, since the body is always striving to have normal blood sugar levels.
It is of course always a life danger when someone is entering a coma and if you feel very dizzy or your friend that is diabetic is acting very strange and are not able to speak or have a normal conversation with; call the emergency number for your country right away.
Even though you wake up, a coma is never a good state to be in so as soon as possible, get help if you can’t help yourself or the person that needs it.

High Blood Sugar Level

If you on the other hand have high blood sugar level, the body acts in a different way. The symptoms are thirst, dry mouth and eyes, urinating a lot, fatigue and at least for me…a weird feeling in the body/muscles and no hunger.
The last part may be because the cells can’t handle more sugar from the blood and therefore shuts off or closes itself so it doesn’t receive more sugar. And that will make you feel tired and your muscles/body a bit strange.
High Blood Sugar Level can occur when you haven’t taken enough insulin compared to what you’re eating or if you forgot to take the insulin at all. For type 2, this is much easier since you do not use insulin but pills and choose a better lifestyle(I hope). If you get spikes, it can be because you are eating too much sweet stuff or/and skip your pills.

Very dangerous in the long run!

This is not dangerous at the moment but in the long run, it is very bad. It causes damages in your body since your body can’t function the way it should and have to put a lot of energy on getting the excess of sugar out of the body and that’s why you urinating a lot. That is how the body gets rid of the sugar.
The whole body becomes tired because it has no energy left. It needs that energy to help the body with the excess of sugar instead of keeping you awake and healthy.
A long time with high blood sugar level and no correction to it, can cause a lot of other sicknesses and diseases in your body. That’s why it’s so important to have normal blood sugar levels at all times. I recommend checking your blood sugar as much as you can. Before eating something and then 30minutes after, before and after training and so on.
It is good for you to understand how different exercises and food is affecting your blood sugar level.
You can do as I did before, write a diary with what you did and what blood sugar you had before and after and your thoughts why that could be and so on. Super good to get your mind into a good state of knowing how to work with the everyday life. How much insulin to take, what and how much should I eat and so on.

How to keep the flow

So, that said, I want to talk more about how to keep normal blood sugar levels as a diabetic. There are different ways to get normal blood sugar levels and if you have read the pages on this site already, I’m guessing you already know a few ways.
Food with fat protein -especially fat- is transformed into blood sugar very slowly and therefore gives you a more even and low peak when you eat.
There have been research about LCHF food and Fat vs. Carbohydrates and recently in Sweden, they saw that the diabetics eating more fat products have better and more even blood sugar level than the ones eating more carbohydrates products. And without bad levels of cholesterol and other health issues that might be a problem.
Of course, as I have written a lot about is that you need the right fat, the healthy ones. And preferably organic. Since toxics in some foods is heavy for the body to take care of and gives it less time to focus on regulating to normal blood sugar levels.

Less and more often

It is better to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions than 2-3 big meals. It makes the digestion easier for the body and also you have a lower peak of blood sugar raise and a more even curve throughout the day since your intake is not so big and dramatic and demands less work from the body to handle.
And if you on top of that eats more fat and protein and keep the carbohydrates to a minimum, that will make it even easier.
Carbohydrates is not bad, we just need a lot less of them than we think! There are very few products with only fat or protein so do not worry, you will get your carbohydrates.
There are good ways to get that without affecting your blood sugar too much. Vegetables are amazingly good for you and they contain a lot of micronutritions like water, vitamins, minerals. It is easy to forget those important parts when the whole world seems to talk only about Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates.


I will say this over and over again so sorry for being a pain in the ass but exercise is really THE health booster and blood sugar stabilizer! It helps you get normal blood sugar levels in an incredible way.
It helps the whole body function better and also with the sweat, a lot of toxics from the body is released and therefore, your body can focus more on taking care of the food and functions instead of cleaning up the toxics.
Find something that is fun! I’ve found in my trainings that the sports/exercises that I enjoy, is the one that affects my blood sugar the most. Quite amazing that your emotions also play a role in this.
So try all kinds of stuff if you’re a beginner in training.


  • Running
  • Walking
  • Boxing / Martial Arts
  • Dancing (even if it’s Dance Dance Mania on your Xbox)
  • Military training
  • Paintball
  • Biking
  • Motorcross (it is damn good training, I tell you!)
  • Skateboard
  • Surfing (incredible for my blood sugar)
  • Parkour (same here, awesome!)
or whatever you find amusing and fun!

No one is going to do it for you, not even your body!

Some people enjoy a normal gym or just a walk in the park. All is good, just keep it moving! I have no doubt that when you see the results, you will be even more excited to train.
Sometimes, it feels like something you don’t want to do. The TV and that bag of candy seems more fun. But if you push yourself and then see the results, it will be a piece of cake to do the exercise and you will start to feel the joy of it.
Because what we all want is an easier diabetic life and normal blood sugar levels like everybody else. And for those who are diabetic type 2 and think that you only have to eat your pills and it’s all good. Think again! Your body needs all help it can get.
You’re lucky you got type 2 instead of 1 but it is your body telling you: “Hey man! I feel like crap, start to take care of me. You didn’t listen so here’s a big sign for you, DIABETES!! Now, you maybe listen to me and take care of me so I can take care of you!”
Disease is the body’s way to tell you that you are not taking care of it and it can function properly. So get out there and be healthy and exercise and eat right and you will have a normal blood sugar with less problems, more stable and better flow and less insulin or pills.
You can read more details about food and exercise in the menu field here on the site that will help you more to get normal blood sugar levels.
Good Luck and Peace within!




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