Raw Food and Diabetes

Raw Food means that all food is completely raw. You don’t heat anything above 45 degrees Celcius which is 113 farenheit. Everything is vegan food except for honey. This diet is a lot of vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, fruits.

Not too much sweet

This has proven to be very good for your body and cleans your system and keeps your energy high and good. I like this diet very much but since it uses a lot of dry fruits and normal fruits, I can feel sometimes that when you start with your diabetic diet, it can be too much.
After a while and when you see your blood sugar stabilize and you don’t need a lot or no insulin at all, more fruits and such can work fine and you have to find out for yourself since we are all different.

Start smart!

But what I prefer is to start with as low carbohydrates and sweet stuff as possible to help the body getting to a state of normal blood sugar level at all times. Since you don’t heat anything up, it can be a bit cold for your stomach and body, especially for you who lives in colder areas like me.
Some people feel they need warm food too, and if so, a great and healthy soup is the way to go. Don’t try to make this a way to get bad food you might be craving for. Keep it as healthy as possible. Maybe it’s enough with warm tee after a meal. That usually makes me feel warm and better in the winter.

See the effects by yourself

There are great benefits from Raw Food and it is going along pretty well with the ideas of the Alkaline diet too. If you want to see how and why, I recommend following the link below where you can watch a trailer and buy a movie called “Raw for 30 days” which is a great documentary I myself have seen that shows the great effects of Raw Food on diabetics!
Click here to go to Raw for 30 days!




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