Symptoms of Diabetes

There are different symptoms of diabetes from person to person. We all react different since I think we have different causes of diabetes too. But there are common ways that you should keep in mind. Every diabetic has probably felt one or more of these symptoms of diabetes before being diagnosed with diabetes.
• Tired and dry eyes
• Dry mouth
• Thirst
• Urinating a lot (I urinated 16 times one night)
• Unusual anger and irriation
• Tired and weak muscles/body

Your body talks to you

These are all the body’s way to tell you that something is very wrong. It has probably tried to tell you that way before these symptoms of diabetes, but most of us do believe that gases, aches in different parts of the body, headache, no energy or vitality, catching a cold and so on is just the way it is. It’s a part of life, it happens.
No! This is your body that tells you: “Hey! Something is not okay here. I can’t take care of the wastes properly! Send me some great food, exercise more, let me work with the right tools!”

Time for change, listen to your body!

Analyze symptoms with great care and understand that this is a very important function of your body and should not be ignored. I do not think symptoms of diabetes just pops up and tells you that you have it or soon might have it. It takes long time but once you got to the point where the symptoms mentioned above is a fact, it’s time to change!
These symptoms tells you that you have a last chance to change. Take that chance! Change your lifestyle in which part you think you have to. Maybe you exercise a lot but eat garbage. Maybe you think that you can sit in front of the TV all day and eat chips, popcorn, candy and a hamburger and think that your body will take care of it for you.

Cooperate with your body

Well no! The body will take care of everything if you fuel it with good, healthy, organic food. Give the body the right and pure fuel it needs to run properly. Your body is amazing and intelligent, but you have to be even more amazing and intelligent and listen to it and provide it with the things that is necessary for it’s functions.
Instead of seeing the symptoms of diabetes and say: “Oh crap! Well, no I just take it for what it is, take my insulin and continue my life as it was.”, change your attitude and say: Okay body! I know what you’re saying. Let’s work together to reverse this and live with vitality and joy everyday with no pain, no disease, no aches, no bad stomachs, no toxic wastes in our system.
Your body talks to you, will you listen? It’s up to you. I will help you in every way and give inspiration, motivation and support, but you have to take the step to a better health by yourself. You have to make that choice!




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