Vegetables and Diabetes

As you probably heard when you were raised as a child and in school, vegetables are good for you! Some tasty amazing, some taste less good or nothing at all. My goal here is not only to show you how good they are for a diabetic, but also how you can make them taste great!
First of all, people who do not usually eat a lot of vegetables and is eating a lot of carbohydrate won’t like most of the vegetables.
Your body is addicted to carbohydrates and if it doesn’t get what it wants…it starts a riot! That riot is the scream for bread, pancakes, chocolate, hamburgers, pizza and all the other stuff that will quite the riot but hurt your body.
You need to be strong and say: “ENOUGH!”. And the more you start eating vegetables and take away the carbohydrates, the more you feel that you don’t need it anymore.
The vegetables are starting to taste good and to make this even easier for you, I got some great recipes to get you started!

Two examples of my favorites!

My favorite soup is the Broccoli soup which I like to do pretty creamy and thick. You will feel satisfied and perfectly full on a very small amount so you can save it for later or why not share with your friends?
I’ve been given a lot of compliments for this easy and tasteful soup all around on my travels.
An easy and tasty booster is Avokado with Italian Sallad spice mix or herbal salt. You can use whatever you prefer but I’ve found these ones pretty good.
It just takes that plain and mild taste of avokado up a notch. And if you are really into experimenting, add some KESO cheese and you’re in heaven!

Try out some more of my delicious stuff right now!

Are they really that important?

Let’s talk about vegetables and why they are so good. First of all, they are alkaline! More or less, everyone is in the top of the alkaline food which makes your stomach smile. They are also full of important nutritions. And here is where my raw food experiences comes to use.

How to cook with vegetables

It is very important not to boil vegetables. Try to keep it to a minimum, especially in water. Because what you do when you boil them, they are giving away all the good and important nutritions and contents out to the water and then the water steams and what you have left is a empty vegetable with low energy.
If you are to boil them, try keep it on low heat so it doesn’t steam, like in my broccoli soup.
A great and tasteful way to get raw vegetables taste amazing and easy to eat and make is with smoothies.
Sounds weird right? But let me prove to you that the vegetable smoothies are amazing and they are so amazingly good for you! Of course I add some touches to them that makes them very delicious!

Check out my list of smoothies!

A good alternative is a sallad. It’s raw, easy to do and takes very little time. It’s fresh and elegant and you can even make your own dressing to it!



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